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san diego chiropractor
Hi, I’m Dr. Dan Spinato, and I’ve been serving the community with NUCCA chiropractic care since 1984, and I want to be your San Diego Chiropractor.

Have you been considering a visit to a chiropractor, but aren’t sure what to expect?

The care in our office is highly specialized and focuses on a technique called NUCCA. With this type of adjusting, we are able to help your health condition without all the “popping” and “cracking” you may think of when it comes to visiting a chiropractor.

This technique is gentle and low-force. Due to it’s gentle nature, we are able to see patients that may not otherwise be able to get this type of treatment.

How do we begin?

Your first visit to our office will start with an initial consultation. We do this because we want to learn more about your health history and if you condition will likely respond to the type of care we have to offer.

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