Pain Management

Whether your experiencing acute pain from a recent injury or chronic pain of more than a few weeks, Dr. Spinato can assess your condition and find a treatment plan that works for the following:
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Low back and leg pain
  • TMJ pain
  • Sinus congestion
  • Allergies
  • Etc.

Identifying the Cause of Pain

In identifying the leading cause of a problem you have to find out where it started.  We have areas like the head, neck, the back, the jaw and the foot, and other parts of the body where a  shift / injury occurs and the body has lost the normal alignment position.  The brain detects this signal and creates a secondary response. Typically this response is where the pain is located, but not necessarily where the problem originates. san-diego-pain-relief

Underlying Causes of Pain

When treating pain it is important to recognize the "Brain Body Connection". Pain can manifest from structural stress, nutritional deficiencies, or emotional (stress) sources. The Spinato clinic treats pain by assessing each of these spheres of influence to create a comprehensive plan of treatment for your pain. The three main spheres of influence are:


These are the physical influences brought by changes in the skeleton, in particular the spine and upper cervical areas of the body. Changes affecting the bodies structure can manifest as pain in remote parts of the body away from the true point of injury. Through a process of testing and analysis Dr. Spinato can determine where structural problems originate and a course of treatment to address the pain you experience from these issues.


One of the most essential factors affecting health is found in the food you eat and the nutritional supplements you take. The body requires good nutrition maintain health and vitality. Dr. Spinato works with you to analyze and advise as to the best practical way of incorporating nutrition into your recovery plan.

Emotional (stress)

Stress plays a major role in promoting pain, slowing recovery, and exacerbating physical problems over time. Through the application of the Bio Cranial procedure, Dr. Spinato can help reduce the negative effects of emotional stress which are an often over looked component of pain management. imrs-intelligent-wellness The iMRS is the result of 17 years of learning: from our very first magnetic resonance stimulation system MRS 2000 V 1.0 to the first intelligent wellness system for home use in the world with SD Card System. The offices of Dr. Spinato offer IMRS treatment for pain management.

As we have discussed, the spine and the nerves that run through the spinal cord control the many aspects of our health. Damage from accidents, injury or lifestyle can cause many structural conditions that cause devastating effects to the nervous system caused by the misalignment of the spine, which limits life and cause a multitude of symptoms

Common conditions which result from the misalignment's in the spine include that NUCCA chiropractic has helped Allergies Asthma Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chronic Ear and Sinus infection Chronic Neck and Back Pain Dizziness/Vertigo Fibromyalgia Herniated Discs Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson's Scoliosis Seizures/Epilepsy Temporomandibular joint disorder Trigeminal Neuralgia Sciatica (leg pain)    

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