Sciatica Pain Treatment

Sciatica Treatment

Subluxated Spine

If you are you experiencing these symptoms…

Low back pain that radiates into the buttock
Piercing thigh / leg pain-from the buttock to the calf
Leg/foot numbness – Leg/foot pins and needles
Burning pain and hyper sensitivity on the skin

We have a NEW Exclusive Treatment Option for Sciatica Pain

We offer a gentle, non-invasive Upper Cervical technique that balances the body weight in both hips. This treatment is only available from NUCCA certified practitioners.

Each patient receives a customized treatment plan designed to correct the core of the problem. When the bones are mal-positioned, they may be lying on, scrapping or irritating the nerve which causes the problems discussed above.

Dr Spinato has the answer to sciatica without drugs, injections or surgery. He has successfully helped patients who have undergone low back surgery and continue to suffer from symptoms of sciatica. His approach finds and corrects the source / cause of the painful chronic condition.

Using NUCCA procedures we can bring the body back to balance relieving pain caused by imbalanced pinching of nerves which are the source of the problem. Most patients  experience marked relief from pain with 4 to 6 treatments applied over a two week period.

Book your appointment for an initial exam before July 15, 2012 and pay only the cost of the x-rays (a $195 value for $89.00).


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