Brain – Body Connection

The Brain – Body connection is a vital link in the evaluation and treatment of NUCCA chiropractic. So what does this brain-body connection mean? As a chiropractor we know and understand that the nervous system is the master system in the body. It controls and coordinates the function of every organ, tissue and cell in the body. As a chiropractor my job is to remove the interference to the transmission of these life giving impulses by properly aligning the spinal bones. This process and evaluation begins at the very top of the spine at the atlas vertebrae (NUCCA chiropractic). Releasing the restriction, compression or irritation at this level (brainstem) helps restore normal function and nerve flow throughout the body.
There is an assumption by many that the brain’s nerve output is equal bilaterally and the problem is in the spine. What is often missed and not well understood by doctors and patients is the fact that the brain itself is not balanced. By that I mean one side of the brain is stronger one side is weaker. By clinical tests and observations we can determine what side of the brain is weak. This leads to a corresponding weakness in the body. No matter what therapy is applied to the patient, if the origination of the weakness is the brain the focus of the treatment must include the brain.
I have been trained to evaluate this pathway through BioCranial Therapy. BioCranial therapy was first developed by an osteopath from Europe and he discovered how to reset and restore the brain balance. The outer protective layer of the brain is called ‘DURA’ and through physical, chemical and emotional stress the dura becomes contracted and thus weakens the neurological impulses from the brain.

Understanding this connection is extremely important in dealing with pain management issues, sports performance and preventative wellness. To learn more please read my blog article August 2012.

Dr. Spinato defines the spheres of influence as:


These are the physical influences brought by changes in the skeleton, in particular the spine and upper cervical areas of the body. Changes affecting the bodies structure can manifest as pain in remote parts of the body away from the true point of injury. Through a process of testing and analysis Dr. Spinato can determine where structural problems originate.


Proper diet and nutrition provides the fuel the body requires to heal and maintain health and vitality. The food you eat has a direct impact in promoting a healthy recovery from acute and chronic pain. Dr. Spinato works with you to analyze and advise as to the best practical way of incorporating nutrition into your recovery plan.

Emotional (stress)

There is no question that stress plays a major role in promoting pain, and in slowing recovery, and even exacerbating physical problems over time. Through his examination and testing Dr. Spinato can identify your points of physical, nutritional and emotional stress and help you counter the negative effects of stress.

These three major spheres combine to form the Brain / Body connection, and often problems are manifested in one or more areas simultaneously. When Dr. Spinato performs his analysis to determine a treatment plan he looks into all three areas to see the whole picture of your current conditions. By respecting the Brain / Body connections and forming a treatment plan for all affected spheres of influence, your path to recovery is shortened improving your odds for success in regaining your health.

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